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PURPOSE OF THIS Test case -> Create, Read, Update, Delete Story and Do Bulk Edit on the Design main page
GO to the Projects / select Project / open Module Design
CHECK visual UI fits with definition
CHECK created Story & Epic are displayed
DO create new Story
DO edit Story->Epic->Story
DO click for MODIFY Status/ Priority/ Label
DO delete Story->DO restore Story
DO change Rows per page
IF logged as SuperAdmin THEN can Full Bulk Edit

Test Data:

LIKE: Super Admin | user with permissions | user without permissions
Browser: Mozilla | Chrome | Safari

Expected result:

This test case verifies that
Super Admin: Can DO CRUD Story and Bulk Edit
User with permissions: Can DO CRUD Story | Can NOT DO Bulk Edit
User without permissions: Can NOT DO CRUD Story neither Bulk Edit

Test Steps:

  • OPEN modul Design
  • CREATE New Story via +Design
  • CHANGE to Epic-> back to Story
  • EDIT Status/ Priority/ Label
  • DELETE at least 5 Stories
  • CLICK Show With Deleted
  • RESTORE all Stories
  • CHANGE Rows per page
  • IF you are logged in as SuperAdmin, THEN execute full Bulk Edit