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Cloud protection

Your data is safe in our Cloud

We realise how valuable your data is to you. That is why we pay attention to its safety. It is key for us to ensure the privacy, security and isolation of your data from the data of others.

How is your data protected in the Cloud? By a triple protection!

Your data is protected by a total of three protection layers:


  • The data centre provides physical security. It ensures that nothing happens to the servers or disks that store your data. For example, it ensures that servers cannot burn down, be flooded, or even stolen. Few companies can build the level of security that professional data centres offer. No one in the data centre knows which specific clients we have there.

  • The virtual server takes care of performance. We manage virtual servers ourselves and we can therefore guarantee their operation. We use OpenStack, VMware or Hyper-V. The data centre provider does not have access to the virtual server;its role ends by providing us with computing power and storage. Even we do not have access to your data, because your database on the virtual server is encrypted.

  • The application protects user-level data. Only you and your users, i.e. those to whom you have assigned permissions, have access to the data. The communication between your computers and the server (the data that is transferred) is protected by encryption (https), the database with the data (data that is stored on the server) is also encrypted. Therefore, everything is completely in your hands.

You do not have to worry about server operation, pay experts and therefore increase your costs. We provide all this. Your data is securely handled with authentication and authorization security patterns, therefore guaranteeing a high level of security.

Where is your data located?

We use the services of both global and local reliable data centre operators, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, or ExoTechnologies. We choose the server that will store your data in such a way that the location is convenient for you - our clients. Consequently, your data is placed to be as close to you as possible and so that its location also complies with legislative requirements. That is why the data of European customers is always located in Europe. Our data are stored in Microsoft Azure. All information is available on Microsoft Azure Data Residency website.

How does the data centre ensure security?

The data centres make sure you do not lose data. They provide physical security - for example, protection against accidents and natural disasters such as fire, flood, theft, or other possible destruction of servers or disks in them. In a data centre, servers are safe from these risks. They also provide cyber security, particularly protection against various attacks from the internet (for example DDoS attack). The data centres that we use are certified for their operation:

  • C5 Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)
  • EBA Outsourcing Guidelines
  • EU Model Contract Clauses
  • GDPR
  • HDS
  • ISAE 3000 Type 2 Report
  • NHS Digital Commercial Third-Party Information Governance Requirements