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User dashboard


The User dashboard is the first page you see after logging in to It gives you the overview to all Issues (tasks and bugs) you are assigned to. You can update the issues without leaving the Dashboard page.

You have the access to edit or view the Issue page directly from homepage by clicking on its name.

You can update the type, status, priority, due date, participant, or assignee.

Please, mind that after changing the assignee to another person you will lose the overview of this certain Issue in your Dashboard.

Edit or completely delete Issue by selecting the Actions. You still will have access to the deleted Issues, just click on the eye-icon in the upper right corner. Or restore the Issue in the edit form by selecting the edit button.

Search by Issue title using the search bar.

Categorize your Issues by when it was created or last updated, by ID, due date or name. Use this sorting bar.

Change the order of Issues from the least recent (ASC) to the most recent (DESC) using the arrow button.

If you prefer to display only bugs or only tasks, you can achieve it by turning off the Issue you want to exclude.

Optimize your Dashboard preferences by settings the columns visible in the Table Preferences tool.


The Test section in your user dashboard gives the overview of all test cases user is assigned to. You can open the test case form and provide the execution without leaving the user dashboard.

Click on the name of test case to open it.

You can edit the basic details of the TC. After changing the tester to another person, the test case will disappear from the dashboard.

Provide the execution

Set your own style of view by using the table preferences.

Use the Actions tool to clone, export or edit the Test case, or just to delete it. Use the search filter bar to find a specific Test case.

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