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Audit log

The Audit log module is an independent module that serves the purpose of racking and logging all events and changes in It is only shown to an admin.

Its main goal is to provide you with a complete and traceable information about everything that ever took place in your instance, including all the necessary information about the action or event.

The interface


The Audit log table provides you with a series of settings:

  • Juno filter


Audit log is also equipped with the smart juno filter. You can filter the displayed results by event, entity, team and user.

  • Select time range


This setting allows you to filter out results for a specific day or time period.

  • Table settings

By clicking on the table preferences icon tablesettings you will get a pop-up window, where you can choose which columns you want to see in the Audit log.


  • Export

If you want to download the audit log data, just click on the exporticon export icon.

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